Sunday, November 15, 2009

They are called leaders. Damn!!!

Well, all these things i'm gonna scribble down was an after thought of some recent happenings in Mumabi. There seems to be a political party, who believe they are the good shepherds of the country. I still don't get the point of these guys. These thoughts started specially after the "slapping" stuff happened with the so called leaders of the same party, i was wondering what they really need. No wonder that i didn't understand their intention at all. Are they really aiming to make Mumbai a better place or bitter place? Wow! I rhyme:) Sheesh, how rhyming came in between! Leave it, i'll come to point.

Some days later there was a news that they are trying to cover up all the posters of Kurban with Saries, just because the poster contains an image of Kareena dares her bare back. These guys are sick. If they were really behind making Mumbai a better place, i thought that they could've given those saries to those who live in hell like conditions in the slums and freeze to death in the rainy season just because they don't have enough clothing. In fact they are behind an actress, who really doesn't have any kind of shame showing her body to the world(No offence meant the actress or to her work). And read that they were behing some another recent movies in which "Mumbai" is called as "Bombay".

Then came another mews. On Saturday(14.11.09), a group of MNS activists led by MLA Bala Nandgaonkar submitted a letter to the SBI recruitment cell in the city, urging it to give preference to locals as per the instruction of their chief Raj Thackeray. They argued that if there was a state quota of 1,100 vacancies, all of it should be allotted to locals. This is not the first time that the MNS has objected to outsiders sitting for Central recruitment examinations in Maharashtra. On October 19, 2008, the MNS went on the rampage disrupting the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) exams that were held in Mumbai and its satellite cities. They attacked candidates from UP and Bihar who had come to Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. They dragged candidates out of the hall and assaulted them. In the attacks, more than 20 people were seriously injured and thousands of scared candidates fled Mumbai and other cities. Several MNS activists were detained or arrested, and booked for assault, rioting and damaging public property worth lakhs of rupees. MNS chief Raj Thackeray was also arrested the same month for his anti-north Indian tirade and for inciting violence. But as always the big leaders come out of Jail pretty soon so that they can continue the ruining activities.

It's not only in Mumbai, it's there all over India. But the recent activities were in Mumbai. When all these so called leaders get matured? No idea. Or am i the one who is looking into all of these in an immatured way?

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